• Image of Detox Soleseife Liquid Soap with Aloe & Activated Charcoal

This is a blend of green mango & juicy peaches. Soleseife (zo•luh•zigh•fuh) liquid soaps! Soleseife soaps are brine or salt water soaps that are becoming super popular because they are believed to offer the same benefits of salt soaks and traditional salt bars--helping to purify skin and helping with skin conditions due to the rich content of minerals found in salt. Soleseife soaps can be found in bar or liquid form and can be made with different types of salts. I've made these particular soaps with sea salt as it is full of minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and iodine. These are made with 60% extra virgin olive oil with the addition of organic coconut and castor oils and I've added aloe & activated charcoal.

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